Lauren Alexander – Lead Vocals

Lauren AlexanderMusic is vocalist Lauren Alexander’s first love. And it has been that way for almost as long as she can remember.

The talent must be in her genes. Her mother was a pianist and composer. Her sister is a recording artist. One brother plays guitar and the other works as a composer. Lauren began piano lessons at the age of five. She started writing music in the fourth grade and singing in public a year later. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she has also studied voice, guitar, music theory and composition and performance.

Don’t try to categorize her music tastes – opera, jazz, heavy metal – Lauren loves them all and has a special interest in learning about musical traditions from around the world.

Her varied musical career has included singing in jazz vocal ensembles, a chamber music group and an acapella group; performing musical theater; and teaching voice. Her gig with the Mob has lasted more than eight years now.

A massage therapist as well as a musician, Lauren believes that music is a healing force, a great way to bring a community together. It also serves as a joyful expression of the human spirit and a means to communicate with others. A singer is a lot like an actor. They both try to communicate something authentic, to create a connection. And Lauren does that each time she performs.