Tony Malfatti – Sax, Keyboards and Vocals

Tony MalfattiThanks to his grandfather, Tony took to music naturally playing trumpet at the age of 3. He began formally playing Clarinet and saxophone in grammar school and was a fortunate student of one of the lead saxophonists of the world renowned John Philip Souza Marching Band.

Tony began to play professionally in a rhythm and blues band at age 15, and in his final year of High school, he placed first in the Northern California Etude Competition (Classical) and in the same year obtained the Lead Alto chair in both the California State Jazz Band, and the Prestigious Monterey Jazz Festival High School All Star Band.

Out of high school, Tony was offered an opportunity to join a recording project for Warner Brothers Records, ultimately recording at the acclaimed Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. Years of touring with many diverse bands followed until his late 20’s, when Tony became “Minister of Music” of the Church of Divine Man, writing, directing, teaching and overseeing all choirs in all the parishes, including his own gospel-style choir at the main parish.

Tony’s diverse music talent has brought him the opportunity to work with a wide range Artists such as the jump swing/jazz sounds of Keeley Smith (Louie Prima) to being a featured soloist in the Napa symphony. He is also a sought after recording artist, composer, and music arranger and currently continues to perform and record with many artists, having Larry Lynch and the Mob as his mainstay.

Beyond Chron reviewer Lee Hartgrave says, “the absolutely fantastic Tony Malfatti, who plays sax, clarinet and flute… Not only does he play them – he twists and turns each note as if he were entwining us with come-hither sounds. No wonder the audience was jumping up and down – their seats were on fire!”